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Modified 2 May 2013

JuMar Industrial Maintenance

This group of courses is about Industrial Maintenance in the traditional fashion.

Modified 2 May 2013

JuMar S Mechatronics Level 1

This is a 300 hr very basic Mechatronics Course.


Modified 11 December 2021

Marvin L Tedder testing

The course are my test courses. They are not for students.

Modified 14 December 2021

Mechatronics Troubleshooting

The courses in this category are designed to provide the JuMar Student with valuable troubleshooting training.

Every course is designed to give the student as much hands on troubleshooting and problem solving training as possible.  With this multicourse program the mechatronic student can accomplish more in 600 hrs than most other courses can offer. This is a tough program but each student that completes this program will be ready to go to work and any employer that is lucky enough to hire one of these students will see reduced down time and a valued employee.