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Modified 5 December 2012


Assessments for pre hire or to establish job levels

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Modified 14 December 2021

The Mechatronics Troubleshooting System

Learn valuable skills as a Mechatronics Troubleshooter.

 This course is the beginning and the heart of being a Mechatronics Troubleshooter.

Employers don’t need more “Parts Changers”. What our customers tell us is that  they need more people with the skills to locate and repair the root cause of their machine break downs. They need mechatronics  technicians with the skills to troubleshoot fast and accurate.

That is what the student learns in this course. How to diagnose the root cause , reduce down time and make correct repairs.

This is a very important course for all maintenance personnel.

Modified 14 December 2021

Troubleshooting Industrial Electronics

 This course will help the student to understand the roll of electronics in today’s  machines. How to diagnose and find electronics problems in  equipment which uses electronics in the control of todays process controlled machines. The student will learn how to use the correct test equipment to locate the root cause of problems.